The Dallas Retail Customer

Households in the DFW area spent an average of $63,976 per year in 2015 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This was significantly higher than the $55,978 average expenditure level for households in the United States. DFW households allocated their dollars similarly to the U.S. among the most of the major spending categories. The level of spending in ten of the eleven categories was significantly greater than the U.S. average. 

DFW Consumer Expenditure Average Annual Spending and Distribution

DFW Consumer Expenditure Survey BLS
As the largest local economy in the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan area, Dallas' sales economy is buoyed by continued strong in-migration patterns and the secondary impact of the national and regional energy/manufacturing renaissance. Area professional, financial, health and logistics sectors are the main benefactors providing jobs and salaries for employees. Expected firm relocations continue to create job growth for the DFW region and Dallas for the foreseeable future. While the in-migration created by firm moves has brought more employed consumers to the area, Dallas’ diverse industry employment mix continues to support steady and progressive local economic growth and continues to dampen the negative effects of any single industry downturn. 

Employment in the City of Dallas by Industry

COD Employment Estimate by Industry
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Dallas' retail sales are one-fifth 
of the entire DFW MSA. This market area is the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan area, with over 2.7 million household consumers and average before tax incomes of $76,000.

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The City of Dallas, as well as the region, entered the Great Recession later and recovered earlier than other areas of the country. Since 2012, the City of Dallas has experienced a 16.2% increased in Retail Sales to over $23. billion.