A Legacy of Success

Since 1989 with the creation of the city's first TIF district, the Office of Economic Development has been building a successful toolbox for urban redevelopment projects. Our staff has unequaled expertise at fostering complex public-private partnerships for unique real estate projects. 

Dallas Tax-Increment Financing Program

From the first TIF District (State-Thomas) to the twentieth (Mall Area Redevelopment), the Office of Economic Development has worked with private developers and investors to deliver.

  • Real property values have increased 238.8% compared to the base year across all districts;
  • Nearly 30,000 new residential units have been built over the life of the districts, with nearly 7,500 more units under construction;
  • 10.1 million sq. ft. in new commercial space has been completed, including office, retail and flex spaces, with 3.6 million sq. ft. under construction;
  • The TIF program has helped to add 4,000 hotel rooms, with another 1,500 currently under construction.

In FY 2016, the TIF program delivered $270 million in combined value of new construction or major renovations.

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