A Legacy of Success

  1. Since 1989 with the creation of the city's first TIF district, the Office of Economic Development has been building a successful toolbox for urban redevelopment projects.
    Our staff has unequaled expertise at fostering complex public-private partnerships for unique real estate projects.

    From the first TIF District (State-Thomas) to the twentieth (Mall Area Redevelopment), the Office of Economic Development has worked with private developers and investors to deliver.
    • Real property values have increased 238.8% compared to the base year across all districts;
    • Nearly 30,000 new residential units have been built over the life of the districts, with nearly 7,500 more units under construction;
    • 10.1 million sq. ft. in new commercial space has been completed, including office, retail and flex spaces, with 3.6 million sq. ft. under construction;
    • The TIF program has helped to add 4,000 hotel rooms, with another 1,500 currently under construction.

    In FY 2016, the TIF program delivered $270 million in combined value of new construction or major renovations.

City of Dallas Office of Economic Development

  1. The City of Dallas is the economic and cultural center of the Dallas-Fort Worth region.
    The Office of Economic Development is ready to support existing and prospective businesses and development opportunities that sustain and grow Dallas.

    Globally connected and centrally located, Dallas is the ideal location for your business.

    Dallas continues to define itself as a world class city.  From great catalyst projects changing the city's landscape to small-scale neighborhood revitalization, opportunities abound.

    With our location, pro-business attitude and favorable economic climate, Dallas has proven that it is a city where businesses thrive with numerous global companies calling us home.