Cypress Waters TIF District

Cypress Waters-Origami Pegasus (Credit Peter Lehrfield)
Cypress Waters TIF District was created by the Dallas City Council in 2010 and is comprised of 960 acres located in the area north and east of the intersection of LBJ Freeway (I-635) and Belt Line Road, with the entire site being located within the City of Dallas. The district was created to encourage development of the largest remaining tract of undeveloped land within the City of Dallas surrounding North Lake.

The district’s focus as a corporate hub has resulted in the creation of over 9,800 jobs within its boundaries. Corporate or North American headquarters established at Cypress Waters since the creation of the TIF district include:

In addition to the new jobs, over 1,300 new residential units, including 163 affordable units, have either been completed or are currently under construction. The new housing has resulted in over 2,200 people living at Cypress Waters.

To date, every public dollar invested has leveraged $20 in private investment, with private investment continuing over the next 20 years.

Cypress Waters TIF District Map

District Characteristics

TIF Lifespan

  • Creation Date: December 8, 2010
  • Expiration Date: December 31, 2040


  • Size: 960 Acres

Participating Jurisdictions

  • City of Dallas 
  • Dallas County 
More information can be found in the annual report, available here.

Cypress Waters TIF District Success Stories

CW-Success Story-9001 CWB
CW-Success Story-Parsons Green II

Cypress Waters TIF District Investment Summary

Projects Within TIF District Utilizing
TIF Funding
Units / SF
814 res. units;
1,161,138 SF 
$319,220,000 $16,049,922
Projects Within TIF District Not Utilizing
TIF Funding

Units / SF
1,137 res. units;
1,636,400 SF office;
35,000 SF retail
$342,709,230 $0
Total (TIF & Non-TIF)
  $661,929,230 $16,049,922