Davis Garden TIF District

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The Davis Garden TIF District is located southwest of downtown Dallas in North Oak Cliff. The District interweaves a strand of neighborhoods along North Oak Cliff, which includes areas of Davis Street, Fort Worth Avenue, and Hampton Road corridors; and The Canyon district (adjacent to Pinnacle Park).    

The District is growing with infill single-family units and a recent 207 apartments at the Bell Bishop Arts. The TIF has made key investments for several prime opportunities for development and redevelopment in proximity to amenity-rich areas such as Coombs Creek Trail, Kidd Springs Park, Stevens Park Golf Course, and the Twelve Hills Nature Center. The District encompasses several conservation and planned development districts lead by enthusiastic neighborhood organizations and businesses to manage and aspire the historical significance of the area’s future.   

The Canyon is a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development at the intersection of IH-30 and Westmoreland Road. The development seeks prospects to build a mixed type of moderate-dense for-sale and rental housing, 360,000 SF of retail, and 48, 000 SF of office (including medical use), and a minimum of 30 acres of open green space. Projects currently under construction are Taylor Farms and Hillside West (multi-family developments, totaling 290 units) and a 120-room Residence Inn by Marriot hotel. 

Davis Garden TIF District Map

  1. The Canyon Sub-District
  2. W. Davis Corridor Sub-District
In 2011, Davis Garden TIF was amended to include land South and west of the intersection of Westmoreland Road and Interstate Highway 30, now known as The Canyon. The Canyon is seeking development opportunities for an urban mixed-use campus.


TIF Lifespan

  • Creation Date: June 13, 2007
  • Expiration Date: December 31, 2039


  • The District includes approximately 700 acres between two sub-districts: The Canyon and areas along the West Davis Corridor

Participating Jurisdictions

  • City of Dallas
  • Dallas County

Creation Date: June 26, 1996

  • City Center Sub-district
  • Creation Date: June 26, 1996
  • City Center Sub-district
  • Davis Garden TIF Success Stories

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    DG-Success Stories-Rosemont Plaza