Features Spotlight

  1. Dallas' UT Southwestern Medical Center ranks 5th in the world
    for the number of published research articles cited as major sources
    of third-party patent applications, demonstrating the institution's
    effectiveness in converting research to industry and to the economy.


    The Future.   Dallas has a local market of 7.1 million residents. The Dallas MSA is among the world’s 75 fastest growing economies, according to the Brookings Institute.

    The Lifestyle.  With a cost of living equal to the national average and no personal income tax, Dallas is affordable. The largest arts district in the U.S., thousands of restaurants, 28 libraries, 81.5 million SF of shopping, 23,000 park acres, plus franchises for all the major professional sports leagues provide endless entertainment.

    The Talent.  Dallas businesses have access to an almost 3.4 million strong workforce, where 32% of regional workers have at least a college degree. A diverse economy offers many opportunities for dual profession families and assures a strong pool of talent for area businesses.

    The Companies.  Dallas is home to 9 Fortune 500 and 16 Fortune 1000 companies. The city is also home to 300 corporate headquarters that each employ more than 1,000 people globally. The small business and startup scene are also a big and growing part of the city's economy.

    The Places.  The City is home to 130.5 million SF of office space, along with thousands of acres of vacant developable land.

    The World.  DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field put the city less than four hours away from major North American business centers: New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, Chicago and Atlanta. Five interstate highways put over 35% of the U.S. population within 48 hours of Dallas by truck, and three class I railroads put 98% within 48 hours by rail.

    The Support. 
     Dallas government is pro-development, maintaining a comprehensive plan and economic development strategy to encourage growth.