What are the requirements to create or renew a PID?

In new and renewing commercial or mixed use district PIDs, the City will require that owners representing at least 60% of the value and 60% of all record owners or 60% of land area support the creation of a new or renewing PID. The application is due on February 1st for an annual approval by City Council prior to June 1st. Signatures for PID petitions must be gathered between October 1st and February 1st prior to the submission of the petition. Petitions will not be required to be notarized. Staff will verify that the person signing the petition is the owner and has the authority to sign. PID petitions shall include this additional note: “With respect to community property, the City may accept the signature of a single spouse as a representation of both spouses that they support the creation or renewal of the PID absent a separate property agreement. However, if staff is made aware of any disagreement between owners of community property those petitions will not be counted.” PID applications shall include: A current list of properties and tax roll, Legible map (approved by the Office of Economic Development): A legal or clear description of the property included in the district (does not require the applicant to provide property surveys), Documentation of the management entity that will manage the district, The benefits of the PID to the affected property owners and to the City as a whole including a description of the services and improvement to be provided and analysis of how potential PID assessments can fund items in budget. An application fee of $15,000 will be required for all new or renewing PIDs by February 1st. This fee approximates the costs of administering the PID through creation or renewal by City staff. The fee will be used for direct expenditures such as mailing and publication and will compensate the City of Dallas for creation or renewal staff time expended. Staff time will be billed at a rate that provides for full recovery of personnel cost for the time directly spent covering the review process. The application fee will not be counted as part of the 15% maximum for administrative expenses in a PID budget. This fee may be reimbursed to the PID management entity out of PID assessments when collected.

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1. What are the requirements to create or renew a PID?
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